Yinlong lto lithium titanate battery 33Ah 30Ah Lto Prismatic Cell 2.3V Battery

Short Description:

Model: 2.3v 30Ah
Battery Type: LTO battery
Rechargeable: YES
Capacity: 30Ah/Customize
Internal resistance: 0.5±0.05mΩ
Charge temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C

Warranty: 5 years

Customize service: Available

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The Yinlong 2.3v 30ah lithium titanate battery is a highly advanced and versatile battery produced by Yinlong Energy Co., Ltd. It finds application in various industries due to its exceptional performance and unique material composition.

This battery is commonly used in electric vehicles (EVs) due to its ability to provide high power output and fast charging capabilities. The lithium titanate material used in its construction offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a superior cycle life, allowing for a larger number of charge-discharge cycles compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. This results in a longer lifespan and reduced overall cost of ownership.

Secondly, the lithium titanate material exhibits a low self-discharge rate, allowing the battery to retain its charge even when not in use for extended periods. This feature makes it ideal for applications requiring long-term storage or infrequent use.

Furthermore, lithium titanate batteries have a high thermal stability, enabling them to operate efficiently even in extreme temperature conditions. This makes them ideal for automotive applications, as they can withstand both hot and cold environments without compromising performance or safety.



Model Yinlong 2.3V 30AH
Battery type LTO
Nominal capacity 30Ah
Nominal voltage 2.3V
Battery dimension 173*28.5*102mm (Not include the studs)
Battery weigh About 1030g
Discharge cut off voltage 1.5V
Charge cut off voltage 2.9V
Max continuous charge 180A
Max continous discharge 180A
Max 10 sec Pulse discharge or charge current 300A
Charge Temperature  0 to 45℃ (32 to 113℉) at 60±25% relative humidity
Discharge Temperature  -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140℉) at 60±25% relative humidity
Storage Temperature  0 to 45℃ (32 to 113℉) at 60±25% relative humidity
Internal resistance ≤1mΩ
Cycle life Discharge Capacit≥80%*initial capacity after 16000 cycles




Another benefit of the lithium titanate material is its exceptional safety features. It possesses inherent resistance to thermal runaway and does not exhibit the risks associated with other lithium-ion chemistries. This ensures safe usage, minimizing the potential for accidents or damage.

the Yinlong 2.3v 30ah lithium titanate battery is widely utilized in the EV industry and other demanding applications. With its high power output, fast charging capabilities, extended cycle life, low self-discharge rate, thermal stability, and enhanced safety, it is a reliable and efficient choice for applications where performance, longevity, and safety are critical factors.



Electric power application
● Start the battery motor
● Commercial buses and buses:
>>Electric cars, electric buses, golf carts/electric bicycles, scooters, RVs, AGVs, marines, coaches, caravans, wheelchairs, electronic trucks, electronic sweepers, floor cleaners, electronic walkers, etc.
● Intelligent robot
● Power tools: electric drills, toys

Energy storage
● Solar wind power system
● City grid (on/off)

Backup system and UPS
● Telecom base, cable TV system, computer server center, medical equipment, military equipment

Other apps
● Safety and electronics, mobile point of sale, mining lighting / flashlight / LED lights / emergency lights

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