3.7v 51Ah NMC Battery Prismatic Lishen 51Ah ncm battery cell 3.7v 50ah 60ah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries 51ah

Short Description:

Nominal capacity: 51ah

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Storage Type: Mild Temperature Storage

Size: 148*26.7*91.4mm


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Weight: about 0.85kg (/pcs)

Anode Material: NCM

Charging current: standard charging 20A, fast charging 40A

Charging working temperature: 0~45℃

Discharge working temperature: -20~50℃

Storage temperature: -30~45℃

3.7v 51Ah NMC Battery


The 3.7v 51ah lithium-ion battery is a high-capacity energy storage solution commonly used in a variety of applications including electric vehicles, portable electronics, and renewable energy systems. It is a rechargeable battery that stores a lot of energy in a compact package.

1. High Energy Density – The Lithium-ion chemistry used in batteries provides high energy density, allowing higher energy storage in smaller and lighter packages. This makes the battery pack more efficient and portable.

2. Long Life - The long chemical life of Li-ion batteries makes the 3.7v 51ah Li-ion batteries a reliable and long-lasting energy storage solution. 3. Fast charging - 3.7v 51ah lithium-ion battery can be fast charged by high power charging system. This means it can reach full charge in less time, making for a more efficient use of time.

3. High power output - 3.7v 51ah lithium-ion battery has high power output, which is very suitable for applications requiring high power requirements such as electric vehicles or high-power electronic equipment.

4. Lightweight - Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, making them easier to transport and use in a variety of applications.

5. Rugged Design - The 3.7v 51ah lithium-ion battery is designed to be durable, making it less prone to damage and able to withstand harsh conditions.

The 3.7v 51ah Li-ion battery is a reliable high-performance energy storage solution for a wide variety of applications. Its high energy density, long lifetime and fast charging make it ideal for electric vehicles, portable electronics and renewable energy systems. The battery's lightweight and durable design also makes it a convenient and efficient energy storage solution.


1. Lighter in weight, heavier on power than lead acid battery.

2. Use a grade prismatic cells. More than 2000 cycle times.

3. Max discharge continuous current, 1C TO 3C.

4. Maintenance free. Can connect in parallel and series.

5. Safer performance.  batteries have passed different safety tests.

6. Optional: Lithium Battery built with BMS



Widely used in electric vehicles, electric tools, golf carts, sightseeing tour cars, electric motorcycles, electric wheelchairs, RVs, electric vehicles, tricycles, fishing boats, diy battery packs, inverters, LED lights, solar energy storage, outdoor high power Lithium battery pack.

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