TAFEL 4S1P 150Ah Lithium Ion Battery Module For Ev Electric Car Electric Car Battery

Short Description:

Battery type:TAFEL 4S1P 150Ah battery module

Typical Voltage:14.8V

Nominal Capacity(mAh):150AH

Standard Charge/Discharge Curren: 0.5C/0.5C

Standard Charge/DischargeCut-off Voltage:3.65V/2.5V

Continuous Charge/Discharge Current:1C/1C

Pulse Charge/Discharge Ccurrent(30s): 3C/3C

Internal Resistance:≤2.35mΩ

Recommended SOC Window:10%~90%

Operating Temperature

Charging: 0~60℃



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The battery module consists of 4 batteries in series (4S) and 1 battery in parallel (1P), with a total capacity of 150Ah. The lithium-ion chemistry used in the module provides high energy density, fast charging and long cycle life.

TAFEL 4S1P 150Ah lithium-ion battery module integrates BMS (Battery Management System), which can monitor key parameters such as voltage, temperature and current to ensure safe and reliable operation. The BMS also provides cell balancing, thermal management, and communication functions, thereby improving overall battery performance and lifetime.

The battery module has physical dimensions of 335*150*110mm (L x W x H) and weighs approximately 11.5 kg. Designed to be easily installed in electric vehicles, it has a modular design that allows for scalability and flexibility based on the specific vehicle's power storage requirements.

TAFEL 4S1P 150Ah lithium-ion battery module has a high discharge rate, which can provide the high power output required by electric vehicles and realize fast acceleration and deceleration. In addition, the battery module can be combined with other modules to provide higher power output for large electric vehicles

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