The New Energy Sector Is Growing Rapidly

The new energy industry is growing rapidly in the context of accelerating the implementation of carbon neutrality targets. According to a study recently published by Netbeheer Nederland, the Dutch association of national and regional electricity and gas network operators, it is expected that the total installed capacity of PV systems cumulatively installed in the Netherlands could reach between 100GW and 180GW by 2050.

The regional scenario forecasts the largest expansion of the Dutch PV market with a staggering 180 GW of installed capacity, compared to 125 GW in the previous report. 58 GW of this scenario comes from utility-scale PV systems and 125 GW from rooftop PV systems, of which 67 GW are rooftop PV systems installed on commercial and industrial buildings and 58 GW are rooftop PV systems installed on residential buildings.




In the national scenario, the Dutch government will play a leading role in the energy transition, with utility-scale renewable energy generation taking a larger share than distributed generation. It is expected that by 2050 the country will have a total installed capacity of 92GW of wind power facilities, 172GW of installed photovoltaic systems, 18GW of back-up power and 15GW of hydrogen energy.

The European scenario involves the theory of introducing a CO2 tax at EU level. In this scenario, the Netherlands is expected to remain an energy importer and to give preference to clean energy from European sources. In the European scenario, the Netherlands is expected to install 126.3GW of PV systems by 2050, of which 35GW will come from ground-mounted PV plants, and the total electricity demand is expected to be much higher than in the regional and national scenarios.

The international scenario assumes a fully open international market and a strong climate policy on a global scale. The Netherlands will not be self-sufficient and will continue to rely on imports.

Industry experts say that the Netherlands needs to be strategically located to develop renewable energy on a large scale. The international scenario expects the Netherlands to have 100GW of installed PV systems by 2050. this means that the Netherlands will also need to install more offshore wind power generation facilities, as the North Sea has favourable wind power conditions and can compete internationally in terms of electricity prices.



Post time: Apr-20-2023