LG New Energy to produce large-capacity batteries for Tesla at Arizona factory

According to foreign media reports, during the third quarter financial analyst conference call on Wednesday, LG New Energy announced adjustments to its investment plan and will focus on the production of the 46 series, which is a 46 mm diameter battery, at its Arizona factory.

Foreign media disclosed in reports that in March this year, LG New Energy announced its intention to produce 2170 batteries at its Arizona factory, which are batteries with a diameter of 21 mm and a height of 70 mm, with a planned annual production capacity of 27GWh. After focusing on the production of 46 series batteries, the factory’s planned annual production capacity will increase to 36GWh.

In the field of electric vehicles, the most famous battery with a diameter of 46 mm is the 4680 battery launched by Tesla in September 2020. This battery is 80 mm high, has an energy density that is 500% higher than the 2170 battery, and an output power that is 600% higher. The cruising range is increased by 16% and the cost is reduced by 14%.

LG New Energy has changed its plan to focus on the production of 46 series batteries at its Arizona factory, which is also considered to be strengthening cooperation with Tesla, a major customer.

Of course, in addition to Tesla, increasing the production capacity of 46 series batteries will also strengthen cooperation with other car manufacturers. The CFO of LG New Energy mentioned in the financial analyst conference call that in addition to the 4680 battery, they also have a variety of 46 mm diameter batteries under development.

Post time: Oct-27-2023