LG Electronics will launch electric vehicle charging piles in the United States in the second half of next year, including fast charging piles

According to media reports, with the increase in electric vehicles, the demand for charging has also increased significantly, and electric vehicle charging has become a business with development potential. Although electric vehicle manufacturers are vigorously building their own charging networks, there are also other fields Manufacturers are developing this business, and LG Electronics is one of them.
Judging from the latest media reports, LG Electronics said on Thursday that they will launch a variety of charging piles in the United States, an important electric vehicle market, next year.

Media reports show that the charging piles launched by LG Electronics in the United States next year, including 11kW slow charging piles and 175kW fast charging piles, will enter the U.S. market in the second half of next year.

Among the two electric vehicle charging piles, the 11kW slow-speed charging pile is equipped with a load management system that can automatically adjust the charging power according to the power conditions of commercial spaces such as supermarkets and shopping malls, thereby providing stable charging services for electric vehicles. The 175kW fast charging pile is compatible with CCS1 and NACS charging standards, making it easier for more car owners to use and bringing more convenience to charging.

In addition, media reports also mentioned that LG Electronics will also begin to expand its commercial and long-distance charging pile product lines in the second half of next year to meet the growing needs of American users.

Judging from media reports, the launch of charging piles in the US market next year is part of LG Electronics’ strategy to enter the rapidly developing electric vehicle charging field. LG Electronics, which began developing its electric vehicle charging business in 2018, has increased its focus in the electric vehicle charging business after acquiring HiEV, a Korean electric vehicle charging pile manufacturer, in 2022.

Post time: Nov-17-2023