200MW! Fluence plans to deploy two grid-side energy storage projects in Germany

According to foreign media reports, global battery energy storage system integrator Fluence has signed an agreement with German transmission system operator TenneT to deploy two battery energy storage projects with a total installed capacity of 200MW.

The two battery energy storage systems will be deployed at the Audorf Süd substation and the Ottenhofen substation respectively, and will come online in 2025, subject to regulatory approval. Fluence said the transmission system operator called the “grid booster” project, and more energy storage systems will be deployed in the future.

This is the second project Fluence has deployed in Germany to deploy energy storage for the transmission network, with the company making its Ultrastack energy storage system launched earlier this year a strategic priority. Previously, Transnet BW, another transmission system operator, signed an agreement with Fluence in October 2022 to deploy a 250MW/250MWh battery energy storage system.

50Hertz Transmission and Amprion are the other two transmission system operators in Germany, and all four are deploying “grid booster” batteries.


These energy storage projects could help TSOs manage their grids amid growing renewable energy generation and, in some countries, a growing mismatch between where renewable energy is generated and consumed. The demands on energy systems continue to grow.

The power lines of the high-voltage grid in many parts of Germany are underutilized, but in the event of a blackout, batteries can step in and keep the grid running safely. Grid boosters can provide this function.

Collectively, these energy storage projects should help increase the capacity of the transmission system, increase the share of renewable energy generation, reduce the need for grid expansion, and improve the security of electricity supply, all of which will reduce costs for end consumers .

So far, TenneT, TransnetBW and Amprion have announced purchases of “grid booster” energy storage projects with a total installed capacity of 700MW. In the second version of Germany’s grid development plan 2037/2045, the transmission system operator expects 54.5GW of large-scale energy storage systems to be connected to the German grid by 2045.

Markus Meyer, managing director of Fluence, said: “The TenneT grid booster project will be the seventh and eighth ‘storage-to-transmit’ projects deployed by Fluence. We will continue to invest heavily in our energy storage business in Germany because of the complex applications required for energy projects.”

The company has also deployed four substation energy storage projects in Lithuania and will come online this year.

Tim Meyerjürgens, Chief Operating Officer of TenneT, commented: “With grid expansion alone, we cannot adapt the transmission grid to the new challenges of the new energy system. The integration of renewable electricity into the transmission grid will also depend heavily on operational resources. , we can flexibly control the transmission grid. Therefore, we are very happy to have Fluence as a strong and capable partner for us. The company has many years of experience in the field of energy storage solutions. Grid boosters are safe and affordable An important and practical solution for power supply.”

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Post time: Jul-19-2023